WannaPlayground for City Marketing

A playground is a place for people to meet. Music is by far one of the best ways for people to connect, explore and dream. Combine those two together, and you have the perfect tool to give a boost to your city.

WannaSwing has been used at various occasions as a city marketing tool for cities throughout the Netherlands and Belgium with amazing results. WannaSwing connects locals and visitors, children and adults, renews the energy of the location where it is placed and can even give a boost to local restaurants surrounding the installation.

Special Events & Activities
We are happy to think along with your city marketing team on where to place WannaSwing in your city.
We also offer the possibilities to create a new musical composition especially for your city or a specific event, or we can develop special events & activities which make the most out of WannaPlay's stay!

Curious of the possibilities for your city?
Feel free to get in touch with our team to explore the possibilities. WannaSwing is ready for you, and from September 2018 on you can extend your playground even further with WannaSeeSaw.

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