The Composers

WannaPlayground is a platform that brings contemporary music of living composers to the public.
Our aim is to give at least one composition assignment to a new composer for every new event, so the WannaPlayground repertoire will be growing over the years. All the compositions below are custom made for WannaSwing.

Portrait New Hansen.jpg

STILL Productions
Aan de oevers van de waal

Arend Bruijn & Hans Nieuwenhuijsen

STILL Productions is a collective of composers, editors and sound designers. This composition was composed by Arend Bruijn and Hans Nieuwenhuijsen for Nijmegen in September 2017. 

Joey Roukens.jpg

Joey Roukens
On Swings

His output includes orchestral works, ensemble works, chamber music, solo instrumental works and an opera. In his music Roukens strives to move away from modernist ways of thinking in search for a more eclectic and more direct idiom, without reverting to some naive Neo-style. In doing so, the composer doesn’t shy away from the use of triads, tonal or diatonic harmonies, a regular rhythmic pulse, directness of expression, simplicity, references to popular music and vernacular culture, ‘stealing’ from the musical heritage of the past and the odd trivial turn.

Mayke Nas.jpg

Mayke Nas
It don't mean a thing

Dutch Composer Laureate (Componist des Vaderlands), 2016-present

Mayke Nas enjoys creating music for musicians breathing simultaneously, for moving chairs wired blackboards and open bridges. She considers herself lucky to work with Nieuw Ensemble, Asko|Schönberg, Slagwerk Den Haag, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Bl!ndman, Neue Vocalsolisten, Eighth Blackbird, Ragazze Quartet and other musical wizards.

David Dramm.jpg

David Dramm
Wanna Play? 

Voice: Nora Fischer

David Dramm (b.1961) was born in Illinois, growing up in San Diego, California. The international press has dubbed him an ‘American iconoclast.’ The Dutch press describes his music as ‘the ground-breaking terrain between Charles Ives, Jimi Hendrix and Lou Reed.’ His omnivorous vocal music output led the newspaper Trouw to recently proclaim him ‘The King of Song.’

Willem Jeths.jpg

Willem Jeths

Dutch Composer Laureate (Componist des Vaderlands), 2014-2016

On 28 November 2014, Willem Jeths was officially appointed the first Dutch Composer Laureate at the Buma Classical Convention in TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht). Fulfilling this position for two years, he seized upon every opportunity to act as an ambassador for new national notes. He put the spotlight on 20th-century Dutch musical heritage, focused on the latest composer generation, championed music education and in passing reflected on the current state of musical composition. 


Robert Zuidam
'Without Title'

Robert Zuidam was born on September 23rd 1964 in Gouda, the Netherlands, and studied composition with Philippe Boesmans and Klaas de Vries at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. In 1989 he was a Composition Fellow at the Tanglewood Music Center in Massachussets, USA, where he studied with Oliver Knussen and Lukas Foss. He was awarded the Koussevitzky Composition Prize for Fishbone, a work for wind instruments and piano, and a Leonard Bernstein Scholarship enabled him to return to Tanglewood as a student. After various performances of his work on the Festival of Contemporary Music, he returned to Tanglewood as a teacher in 1999, 2001 and '03, a.o. as Artist in Residence with financial support of the Velmans Foundation. In 2010, Zuidam taught and lectured at Harvard University as Erasmus Professor, and was awarded the Kees van Baaren-Prize in The Hague, for his opera Rage d'amours.



Melancholy in words and chords. Spinvis creates beautiful songs, about old lovers, happiness, and other daily matters.


César Lüttger

César Lüttger started piano lessons at the age of five where he showed an interest in composition at an early age. At age nine his piano teacher signed him up for a composition festival where he played a piano composition of his own. During secondary school, he also developed an interest in producing and composing electronic music. After graduating from secondary school, he started focussing his writing on classical music, which was shortly followed by his application at the Conservatory. Currently, he is a 4th-year student in his bachelors of Classical Composition at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. His teachers are Willem Jeths and Richard Ayres. This work was developed within WannaPlay LAB

Tom Schipper.jpg

Tom Schipper
Urban chimes

Tom Schipper is a young composer based in Amsterdam. He has written pieces for ensembles varying in size, from solo flute pieces to large orchestral works and from A Capella choral to percussion ensemble. This work was developed within WannaPlay LAB.

Rick van Veldhuizen - 'Spaces_between words'.jpg

Rick van Veldhuizen
Spaces between words

Rick van Veldhuizen is a classical composer at heart, although nurtured on pop & dance music, literature & theatre. This work was developed within WannaPlay LAB.