Based on years of experience in creating music theatre and concerts, stage director Caecilia Thunnissen and scenographer Jan Boiten felt the need to find a new way to bring music to the public. They truly wanted to involve the audience in a format which would move the spectator out of the passive seat of the darkened theatre. Boiten&Thunnissen applied theatrical resources in a different – unconventional – manner: they developed WannaPlayground. This new playground merges adults with music, light and landscape.


The first installation (2014) of their playground is WannaSwing, a swing with 12 seats. A software system (created by sound designer Mark Thur) transforms the movement of each seat into music, and each swing connects to an instrument (e.g. violin, oboe, or singing voice) that can produce its recognizable sounds. These instruments can be played by swinging in different manners (such as duration, higher or lower pitch, or in tune with each other).